Raden is a Japanese decorative technique that uses the iridescent parts of seashells like abalone shells, which are shaved no more than 0.1 millimeter in thickness for the sake of uniformity and usability.
“to sea” Earrings use abalone shells which are not shaved. Thick shell pieces are not uniformity but unique in wormholes and scratches that tell the story of time in their natural state.

“to sea” Earrings
Abalone (Japan) / K18YG




su Ha のピアスは、ひとつひとつの貝殻の厚みをそのまま生かして仕上げます。命を感じる虫食いの穴や傷も丁寧に取り込み、あわび貝に宿る色の重なりとゆらぎの表情を、シンプルな輪郭におさめます。

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