2024-2025 Collection “BONSAI”

新作 “BONSAI” を発表します。日本各地の産地を訪ね、山採りをルーツとする盆栽と、その年輪が語る盆栽の記憶に迫りました。



新作 “BONSAI” では、故あって枯木となった盆栽に新たな命を吹き込みました。




Introducing, “BONSAI”. We’ve journeyed across Japan in pursuit of bonsai, originally wild trees in the forest, and delved into the tree’s memories told by its rings.

Bonsai are small giant trees grown over many moons. Bonsai, as a culture, is a condensed landscape that is a reflection of the Japanese people’s reverence for the natural world.

Through our visits to different sites, we came to learn of “mountain bonsai” and “garden bonsai.” “Garden bonsai” are those whose trunks were originally straight but were reshaped by wire. Meanwhile, the shape of “mountain bonsai” that grow wild on steep rocky mountains are created as the trees adapt to their harsh environment. A trunk that is weighed down by heavy snow will rise like waves toward the sky in pursuit of light once the snow melts away. Their branches sway in the relentless wind. These shapes created by nature are those that could never be reproduced by the hands of man.

However, life is finite.
Our “BONSAI” breathes new life into those that have withered for different reasons.

The first series features three types of tree;, Japanese yew, Temple juniper, and Ezo spruce carved into a graceful ball shape. We celebrate the whole life of the bonsai by shaving the trunk into a ball, and in the process, tracing the rings that appear from within.

The rings created by nature do not lie. It is this truthfulness that gives beauty to its patterns. Wear it and listen carefully and you will hear the quiet breathing of the trees that have lasted for centuries.

“BONSAI” Necklace

“BONSAI” collection についてのストーリーはこちらから

Artwork & Design : Miori Takeda
Movie : Rinko Tsukamoto

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